“Press X To Examine” is a podcast where we take an in depth look into a video-game or video-game series.

Our inaugural season began with a game and franchise that most have either a close relationship with or, at the very least, have most certainly heard of, Final Fantasy VII. At the time we decided to start this podcast, a big announcement had been made. A Final Fantasy VII REMAKE was under way by SquareEnix. The reactions to this announcement were undeniably positive and, for some, overwhelming. At that time I was listening to”The X-Files: Files,” an insightful and entertaining podcast about the beloved TV show.

Press X To Examine is born of these two things. We don’t know that we are as entertaining as Kumail Nanjiani and his comedian friends, in fact I know we’re not, but we might be as insightful and we hope our conversations over Final Fantasy VII will add value to your own experiences with the game. Maybe even bring attention to somethings you haven’t thought of.

– Shane Rivera