Cloud-Poster(final)-01Press X 2 Examine – Season 1 is an in-depth look into Final Fantasy VII. We’ve broken the game up into logical episodes to best discuss story, characters, and gameplay as the game progresses.

This podcast entry we discuss a short portion of Final Fantasy VII. The sections covered are as follows:

Assault on Mako Reactor No. 1 / The Getaway / Back at H.Q. / Sector 7 Slums / Raid on Sector 5 Reactor First Half – End at Train Jump

Hosted by : Shane Rivera, Charlie Vissesmith, Marc Maraya

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  1. Are you guys only going to talk about Final Fantasy? Or are you guys gonna talk about anything gaming? Just wondering what you guys think about the NES classic system coming out?


    1. Our main Pod will focus on a single game for an entire season. There are definite plans to begin talking about more than Final Fantasy VII, and more than just games, in the near future. So, look forward to that, maybe. 🙂

      The NES release, holy crap!!!! Can’t wait!


  2. I love the artwork attached to this project. Looks really awesome and unique ^__^ Plus, you guys have given me an excuse to actually finish Final Fantasy 7! Which is always a good thing = P


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