Tifa Poster(1)-01Press X 2 Examine – Season 1 is an in-depth look into Final Fantasy VII. We’ve broken the game up into logical episodes to best discuss story, characters, and gameplay as the game progresses.

This Episode is a long one! We decided to keep this one together.  Also, we added one more person to the mix. Hi Alex!

This episode we cover the following sections:

Aftermath / Going Up / Shinra Headquarters / Caught! / The Chase

Hosted by : Alex Johnson,Charlie Vissesmith, Shane Rivera, Patrick Allocca, Marc Maraya

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  1. Loving your podcast guys! Keep up the good work. = D

    Would be great if you could let us know sometime before each episode how far you are planning to play. Just so I know how when to put the controller down! Don’t want to be leaving you all behind ^__^


      1. Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll definitely start doing that. In the mean time here’s what we’re, tentatively, covering in our next episode:

        Kalm / Chocobo Farm / Mythril Mine / Junon

        A couple of us are using the following guide, if you need a good one sans-spoilers.

        Happy Gaming!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. This is perfect! Thank you Shane ^__^ And its funny because I’ve been using the same guide. Especially for that pesky ordeal with the batteries and the wire climbing. No way I was going to do that without help!


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