Sephiroth-01Sephiroth Loses his #$%^ing Mind! We Ride a Chocobo! Our First Summon Matateria!
Oh, and that PAIN IN THE @$$ Fort Condor Mini Game!

This episode we cover the following sections:

Kalm / Chocobo Ranch / Mythril Mine / Fort Condor / Junon Harbor

Press X 2 Examine – Season 1 is an in-depth look into Final Fantasy VII. We’ve broken the game up into logical episodes to best discuss story, characters, and gameplay as the game progresses.

Hosted by : Alex Johnson,Charlie Vissesmith, Shane Rivera, Patrick Allocca, Marc Maraya

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  1. Happy to hear I wasn’t the only one struggling with Fort Condor! Although, I think it was more down to me misunderstanding how much money I was expected to raise over anything else. I ended up giving them 40,000 Gil instead just the 4,000….

    By the way, thank you for mentioning how far you guys are playing up to for the next episode! Don’t want to leave you all behind = )


    1. Fort Condor, don’t remind me. I was just beginning to get over it. 😛
      I did the same, donated all my gil. “These people are con artists!”

      We’re happy to oblige. Thanks, again for the comment!


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