WheelChair-Poster-01Episode 13 –  After she avoided near certain death, Tifa takes the helm on a mission to find Cloud. Found him and he doesn’t look so good.

Press X 2 Examine – Season 1 is an in-depth look into Final Fantasy VII. We’ve broken the game up into logical episodes to best discuss story, characters, and gameplay as the game progresses.

Hosted by : Alex Johnson, Charlie Vissesmith, Marc Maraya, Patrick Allocca, and Shane Rivera

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One comment

  1. What a fun podcast to find, right as I’m replaying ff7 myself. Gotta toss in a few comments though:

    Don’t sleep on enemy skill materia. Many of the skills are the only way to cast certain spells, like big guard, it would take two casts to perform the same effect using magic materia. And that’s just the beginning, the following spells are all waaaaay stronger than your ice2 or fire2 or cure2 when you’re able to learn them in game: trine beta aqualung and white wind.
    Plus there are fun ones lIke bad breath, which dumps status effects on all enemies.

    Please make at least one episode about the final section of the game, not just the main story wrapping up, but I’m dying to hear about you guys trying to beat Emerald and Ruby weapons, your experience with chocobo racing, all that glorious side quest stuff.

    Oh and just FYI this game is available for android via Google play now, but it is super buggy (and I don’t mean it can cross shallow water or sand) to the point that some parts are virtually impossible. It’s like playing the game on super-hard mode, where you might get a game over doing the simplest of things, like opening the menu or loading a cutscene.
    I cannot recommend it. It makes me miss my playstation.

    Really enjoyed listening to all the episodes, looking forward to more.


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