Backlog Episode 7 – RPGs – Whats new?

RPGs have been a large part of our early gaming lives. How have RPGs evolved since the golden age of RPGs? Alex Johnson tries to help answer that question.

This episode Shane Rivera, Patrick Allocca, Charlie Vissesmith, and Alex Johnson chat over the subject of RPGs.

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Backlog Episode 6 – Real Life Isn’t Written Well – Charlie Vissesmith 2018

Episode 6 is packed with conversation. We have a lively discussion about the recent games we’ve been playing, we go overtime with a discussion over Altered Carbon, and Inuyashiki – Last Hero on the second half of this episode.

Marc is fuming over Altered Carbon’s mediocrity while the rest of us run the gamut between like and dislike.

As usual beware of spoilers. If you haven’t yet watched Altered Carbon or Inuyashiki Last Hero and plan to, watch before you listen to this episode.

Thanks for listening!

Games Discussed:

Final Fantasy XIV
Mario Odyssey
FInal Fantasy XV Mobile
Monster Hunter Worlds
Hello Neighbor


Backlog Episode 5 – Doki Doki WTF Is Going On Club


In this episode of The Backlog we discuss the last couple weeks of our gaming lives AND we focus on Doki Doki Literature Club.

Games discussed:

I am Setsuna
Dragon Ball FighterZ
Among others


Doki Doki Literature Club

Backlog Episode 4 – The Press X Parable… & Stanley ?

This time on The Backlog we talk about our time off what we’ve been playing over the last several weeks. In the second half we discuss a game that has long been on my list of games to return to, The Stanley Parable. It’s been nearly 5 years since I last played it and though I was fascinated by it I had not played it much. And so, on the proverbial shelf it sat collecting virtual dust in my Steam account…Until now.

Join us in revisiting this gem of an Indie game.

– Shane

Thanks to Rethink Canada for the “Time’s Up” Music:


Backlog Episode 3 – There are definitely Stranger Things…

We dig into some of our earliest experiences with games. Turns out “memory lane” is long and wide. In the second half we  discover what is stranger in Stranger Things than what has become the norm.

Hosted by : Alex Johnson , Patrick Allocca,  Shane Rivera, and Stephanie White

Thanks for listening!

Backlog Episode 2 – Pastime with Cuphead

We discussed a bunch this episode and went a bit off the rails. We hope it makes for a fun listen, if  not informative. Here’s a list of the main games we discussed.

South Park: The Stick of Truth
The Bridge
Super Hot

Feature Cuphead


Backlog Episode 1 – Destiny, Destiny, Yap, Yap, Yap

For our first official episode of The Backlog Charlie, Marc, and Shane discuss and recommend some recent games they’ve been playing. Also, Destiny, Destiny, Yap, Yap, Yap!

Happy Gaming!